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Lost Gold Ring Found in Webberville Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)


…..was the last outside game being played into the night of July 4th, and as Jackie, her son along with other family members were finally found, upon entering the house, her husband noticed his wedding ring missing. Frantically searching the yard to no avail left them wondering where it went. With her husband having to be away from home the next day Jackie and I agreed to meet and search for the ring. Quickly grid searching the areas with my MXT metal detector I got a few junk signals. As I started to close in on a certain section, I got a good signal below a clump of grass. Pinpointing the signal, I reached down and moved the clump of grass out of the way and yelled out hide-seek-found! Jackie and her son came running over to the spot and couldn’t believe the ring was where it was! Putting the headphones on her son and letting him sweep over the ring with the metal detector left a thrilled expression on his face as he verified that it was his dad’s ring! Hopefully this left a great impression on him to someday take an interest in seeking out hidden treasure!