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Lost White Gold Ring w/Diamonds Found in Rochester Hills Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Neighborhood Yard Sale’s……

Do indeed have some valuable trinkets. Every so often someone’s trash really is a treasure. Ladonna, her mom and nearby residents got all their stuff together to have a quick go at selling. It was towards evening of the sale that LaDonna noticed her ring missing. A panic attack started to develop, wondering where it may be since she was moving between homes carrying things all day. Did it fall off into one of the trays or bags of clothes for sale and someone took it? I told her the best I can do is help search thru what bags/containers were left and metal detect the ground. While she checked the remaining sale containers, I started to grid search where she remembers walking. I didn’t get any signals from next door but 3 doors down I got a signal in the grass that matched where a ring of this type should read on the metal detector meter. I thought what’s the chance of this being her ring.? As some trash items do hover in this meter range, if this was a trash signal could it really be treasure?….as the saying goes. Reaching thru the grass I couldn’t believe what I was about to pull up….it was her ring! A gorgeous specimen as the diamonds were sparkling with fire, truly a fine piece! I immediately called her and said I had a question about a HOT ITEM found 3 doors down, she thought I got sidetracked with sale items on the table and wasn’t looking for her ring and appeared upset. That changed quickly when I had her reach into the grass and pull up her ring! She was speechless and I thought she was going to pass out from excitement. She laughed when I said I’ve struck gold at a yard sale, what kind of price can you put on that?