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Lost Gold Wedding Ring Found in Garden City Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Sugar’s Mama….

…Cheryl had just arrived home after a busy day. Anxious to be home, her dog Sugar was excited in the vehicle and couldn’t wait to get out. As Cheryl put the leash on and started to head towards the house, Sugar caught scent of something and tried to bolt off. Cheryl pulled back on the leash and in the melee, her late husband’s ring flew off.  Remembering seeing the ring fly off and hearing it ping twice on something she looked around but couldn’t find it. Searching with my MXT metal detector made short work of the loss by finding it in the grass nowhere near where it came off. Now with the ring back in place I got to meet Sugar. I gave her a pat on the head and a wagging tail assured all was well again!