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Lost Platinum Ring Found In The Snow In Ferndale Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Platinum Smiles On A Gloomy Day!

This nice gentleman was out today shoveling a 3 inch snow drop in the Detroit area after a 50 deg day yesterday. On the phone he mentioned taking a break and reaching over the fence to pet the neighbors dog his platinum wedding ring came off and landed near the fence in the snow and left over leaf debris. A few minutes passed and he thought he may have shoveled it into a 2 foot pile of snow on his property as well.
Driving thru the traffic with people who seem to have forgotten how to drive in the snow I was able to reflect back on prior ring hunts near fences. On site based on what he said I knew to check along the fence while he levelled the pile. My MXT was picking up the fence but I set the sens way down and scanned from away towards the fence paralleling it. I got a small +40 reflection signal I call it mixed with the ferrous fence signal and knew I was in the area of influence. Checking with the Garrett carrot produced a solid vibration as I scraped debris from the fence towards me away from the overbearing fence attraction.
Feeling the pin pointer hit the metal ring and the vibration, I reached down and found his gorgeous custom design platinum wedding band in the leaves and snow! Yay!