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Lost Rose Gold Ring Found in the Snow in Ann Arbor Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Getting The Cold Shoulder……

…from winter is what newlywed Greg received a few weeks ago. Married just over a month and while at work on a break, he was making a snowman and his ring fell off in the parking lot. Searching frantically, he couldn’t find it. So, he went back into the office and gave me a call. We made plans to search but upon leaving his office he noticed a plow had piled up snow at least waist high maybe deeper. He was on the verge of a meltdown when I arrived, so I quickly searched both piles and found nothing. The piles were deep, iced over, hard as granite and near impossible to penetrate. Finding out he was leaving for home out of state and would not be returning for a few weeks made things more complicated. Knowing the ring was more than a foot deep into one of the glaciers, we elected for me to return in his absence to search. So, the next week I returned and noticed the piles had melted considerably enough to metal detect. The first snow pile revealed nothing, but moving to the other pile I got a weak but repeatable signal with the metal detector. Poking thru the snow and moving it around revealed Greg’s rose gold ring hiding under a chunk of ice just over a foot deep! Lifting it out I took a quick pic and texted him. Within a few minutes he texted back that this was the great news that him and his wife were hoping for, and totally surprised the ring was found. Meeting today I said that this was a day long coming. We laughed and agreed that this was a meltdown we can shake off!