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Sentimental Pocket Knife Found, Falmouth, Massachusetts

  • from Falmouth (Massachusetts, United States)

You probably have a story of your own about how a relative gave you something special when you were a kid or a young man, something you’ve treasured over many decades.  Such was the case with Billy.  His father presented him with his Barlow pocket knife when Billy was 20 years old and Billy carried it for 60-some years.  It was an everyday tool, often used, and it always brought warm memories of his father.

Unfortunately, one of those everyday uses ended in the loss of the knife.  Billy remembered using it to cut open sacks of compost and potting soil when he was planting butterfly bushes, and he only later realized that the knife had disappeared.

My interest in metal detecting and finding lost objects for folks came up in a conversation we had many months later, and when Billy told me his story I said that I’d be very happy to look for the knife.  When I arrived with my detector, he pointed out that it likely was near the last bush he’d planted, and it turned out that he was spot on.  It took only a few minutes to find and recover the knife from beneath 6 or 7 inches of soil that had been used to fill the planting hole.

Unfortunately, nature had taken its toll on the knife.  Nonetheless, Billy was delighted to have this very sentimental item back in his hands.  I told him how to use electrolysis to remove the rust, and hopefully it will clean up reasonably well.  Although we are ‘ring finders’, it’s not always about rings…..

Lost engagement ring found, Mattapoisett, Massachusetts

  • from Falmouth (Massachusetts, United States)

For my very first search as a member of TheRingFinders, I was fortunate today to be able to help a very nice young couple in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts.  Allie and Nate were enjoying the day on a private beach, and Allie wisely took off her engagement ring and put it in Nate’s shirt in their beach bag before going for a swim.  Unfortunately, when the time came for them to leave and the ring to come out of the bag, it had somehow disappeared into the dry sand.  They marked out the area and did some hand sifting to no avail, then called after they found me on TheRingFinders.  I asked some questions about particulars of the loss and assured Allie that the search should not be difficult.  An hour later I met Allie and Nate at the beach, walked down to the search area, and within a few minutes had the engagement ring located, scooped, and in hand.  The platinum ring had a beautiful heirloom stone which made it priceless to them, and needless to say they were overjoyed.  That joy was doubled because I felt the same way.  What a great way to enter into TheRingFinders fraternity!