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Lost engagement ring found, Mattapoisett, Massachusetts

  • from Falmouth (Massachusetts, United States)

For my very first search as a member of TheRingFinders, I was fortunate today to be able to help a very nice young couple in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts.  Allie and Nate were enjoying the day on a private beach, and Allie wisely took off her engagement ring and put it in Nate’s shirt in their beach bag before going for a swim.  Unfortunately, when the time came for them to leave and the ring to come out of the bag, it had somehow disappeared into the dry sand.  They marked out the area and did some hand sifting to no avail, then called after they found me on TheRingFinders.  I asked some questions about particulars of the loss and assured Allie that the search should not be difficult.  An hour later I met Allie and Nate at the beach, walked down to the search area, and within a few minutes had the engagement ring located, scooped, and in hand.  The platinum ring had a beautiful heirloom stone which made it priceless to them, and needless to say they were overjoyed.  That joy was doubled because I felt the same way.  What a great way to enter into TheRingFinders fraternity!