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Beach Siesta Causes Lost Wedding Ring on Wrightsville Beach NC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

On Sunday, I got a call from John Finnerin (TRF Wrightsville Beach NC) asking if I could take a search for him at Wrightsville Beach. He gave me the gentleman’s name (Jim), phone number and a brief description of the man’s lost wedding band and the area it was lost. I called Jim and he confirmed that he had lost his ring on Saturday in the dry sand. I asked him the story connected to his lost ring. He said he was on the beach, lying on his towel all nice and comfortable. He decided to move his wedding band on his ring finger from its normal spot to between the 1st and 2nd knuckle. When he woke up and they decided to leave, he picked his towel up and shook off the sand. Later that evening, he approached his wife, Shelly, saying “I lost my ring.” He concluded that at some point during his nap, the ring came off his finger and when he picked up the towel to shake it, his ring went flying. Since it was a Sunday, we figured the beach would be packed with no place to park. He gave me the location and we agreed to meet at 6 pm.

About 3:30, I got antsy and decided to go ahead and make the hour and half a drive. I figured I’d go ahead and detect the area, hoping to find the ring before he got there. When I arrived, parking was available, and the beach wasn’t too crowded. I had a vague idea of where to search, so I started a grid search in the dry sand. After about 5 grid lines, I moved out of the dry sand to the wet sand. As I’m walking the grid line I spotted his ring sticking up in the wet sand.

When he and his wife arrived to show me the lost area, I was waiting next to my car with his ring in hand. I walked up to the passenger side of the car, and we introduced ourselves. I’m holding his ring between my thumb and forefinger and told him “you don’t even have to get out of your car”. He looked puzzled until he spotted his ring then there were all smiles.

Jim and Shelly, thanks for trusting The Ring Finders to help find your lost ring.