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Lost 1958 Texas A&M Class Ring Seabrook, Texas (Recovered)

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Lost 1958 Texas A&M Class Ring  Seabrook, Texas (Recovered)

Received the following email from Devin on 04/30/2014

I just threw my ring in the water on accident.  I know exactly where it dropped but it’s 5 ft down and I have no way of getting it.  This was my grandfathers ring from 1958.  Let me know ASAP

Follow-up information from Devin

Location: Outriggers Restaurant in Seabrook Texas

About 17 ft deep.  Sticky bottom, couple of inches of mud but very dense mud.  Ring shouldn’t of sunk in mud immediately.  Lots of current and boat traffic.  Sooner the better

There is a lot of boat traffic there because of the launch, this may be a safety barrier, thoughts?

Devin sent the following photos of the dock at the Outriggers Restaurant.

photo 2













photo 5


























I had to postpone Devin’s search until today, I just couldn’t get away any sooner for this type of job.  Devin was concerned about the delay, and I think he felt it might affect the possibilities of recovering his ring. I was very confident the ring was not going anywhere, I just needed Devin to be sure he knew the right location.

Devin and I met at the Outriggers Restaurant this morning and we discussed how the ring was lost. Devin explained he had been on the upper deck of the restaurant when he tossed some ice over the railing, He said his grandfathers ring flew right off his finger, landed and skidded across the lower floating dock and then dropped off  into the abyss.

Devin said the ring was his grandfathers Texas A&M Class Ring from 1958.

Devin and I transferred all the gear out to the dock, and then discussed how the dive would go,  and what his responsibilities would be topside.

Nearly zero visibility, water temp somewhere around 70, light boat traffic, and tons and tons of debris (spikes, bolts, nails, fishing hooks, and yes plenty of beer tops) on the bottom.

Had built a spot marker dive pole for this job, and Devin held it in position topside as a I worked a three-foot radius around it on the bottom. Had to work it inch by inch, I used a hand held Vibra-Tector 730, their was simply to much debris to try and manage the Excalibur.

About 20 minutes in, and after crawling around on the bottom with the VibraTector 730, and weeding through handful after handful of junk, I got a hold of something from 1958.

The pictures tell the rest of the story.

photo 1






































Equipment Used:

Hookamax Dive System

Vibra-Tector 730


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