White gold wedding band recovered from Little Ossipee Lake in Waterboro, Maine.

  • from Rockport (Maine, United States)

Alyssa contacted me to search for her husband Jordan’s wedding band which was dropped from a swimming dock in 6 feet of water at her parents lake side home. This had seemed like a pretty simple recovery, however in addition to the lake bottom being a bed of very tall grass the layer of loose silt was about 12 inches in places. The search took about 8 hours over two days, but ended with a successful recovery and another great photo for the book of smiles. With the birth of their first child expected this week, a portion of their generous reward will be directed to a local diaper bank to help ease the burden other parents are facing.


3 Replies to “White gold wedding band recovered from Little Ossipee Lake in Waterboro, Maine.”

  1. Donna Cote says:

    Great job, Sean! I was there watching you those 2 days. Your persistence is a tribute to your dedication. You made a lovely young couple very happy💕 Thank you for what you do

  2. Rob Ellis says:

    Way to go Sean! 8 hours!! Underwater search & recoveries are so much fun. You never really know what to expect until you get down there and start looking.

    1. Sean Kelly says:

      No doubt, I thought this was going to be a quick 15 to 30 min dive. Turns out 6 to12” mud and very tall and thick grass in a relatively small search area slowed things way down. Getting another smile in the book is worth a long search.

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