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Lost Gold Wedding Ring Found in Walled Lake Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Queen of the Waterslide……

…….Remember how much fun it was to go to your grandparent’s house for the day or weekend? I have very fond memories of that! Such was the case with Lauren, her children and other family members who were invited to the grandparent’s place recently to escape the heat. Usually, small kiddie pools were set up but, on this day, grandpa presented a nice waterslide on a hilly portion of his property for them to enjoy. And that they did. Hours went by of sliding and running around up and down the hill, by day’s end everyone was cooled off and waterlogged. While starting to dry off, Lauren noticed her wedding ring was missing. Bewildered, what was she to do as this ring was her grandmother’s that was passed to her for her wedding, so for sure some sentimentality attached to it. Luckily, this was not the grandma’s house who gave her the ring. So, she rented a toy type metal detector and discovered the hill had lots of trash metal from the house construction years ago. I started a grid search using my MXT metal detector knowing the approximate number her ring should be on the metal detector’s meter, thus passing over the junk metal signals. I traipsed up and down the hill where the waterslide was for almost 45 minutes with no ring signal. Lauren was convinced she was nowhere else but on that hill by the waterslide. I started to think otherwise and started to metal detect next to the house where the side door was where everyone was coming in/out. Sure enough a few feet from the door in the thick grass a good metal signal came thru at zero depth, so I felt good about this one. Reaching down in the grass revealed her beautiful ring! Waving at her, she and the children rushed right over. As she smiled reaching down and holding up the ring, I asked…Do you feel like a Queen? She said yes and of the waterslide as well!