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Engagement ring found in thick bushes in Harrisburg, PA

  • from Reading (Pennsylvania, United States)



I received a call from Sydney stating her engagement ring was lost in very thick bushes outside of a hotel. She stated someone else had tried to search for it but was unable to find it. As they searched the night before they removed a lot of cans and garbage from deep inside the bush. When I arrived I found the bushes to be much bigger then expected and a lot of trash sitting next to them. I knew this would be difficult because of all the metal garbage and because I would have to climb into the middle of the bushes which were about 4ft high.

I first scanned the tops and worked my way down through the bush in case the ring was stuck within the thick branches. Once that turned up nothing, I climbed into the middle and began searching under the bushes with my Garrett Super Sniper 4.5″ coil as the regular coil would not fit. After about 20min, of searching, I found the ring laying under pine needles. When I emerged from the bush and handed Sydney her ring, she was overcome with emotion. She immediately called her fiancĂ© to tell him the news.

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