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Class of 1985 gold college ring…lost, recovered and returned in Collegeville, PA!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Received a text from Karen today seeking help in finding her boyfriend’s lost college ring. She found me in the Ring Finders directory and I returned her text with a phone call to discuss the lost ring. Karen conveyed to me that(1 year ago!) she was mowing the backyard lawn of her home in the Skippack/Collegeville area of PA while her boyfriend, Eric, was also doing some work in the backyard. As she was mowing she saw a large branch in her way and asked Eric to pick it up and heave it out of the way to the side of the yard. In doing so Eric felt his prized college ring fly off his finger in the same direction of the branch…somewhere in the corner of the yard. They searched for hours and even rented a metal detector to try to find with no luck. As the year passed Karen never forgot about the missing ring and was determined to find and return it to Eric…she finally reached out to a “Ring Finder”.

I arrived to her home around 3:30 pm on the same day she contacted me. We went straight back to the area where the loss occurred. As I always do I took a second to demonstrate my equipment with my own ring….I want people to feel confident that if the ring is there…I’m going to find it! She re-enacted the loss and showed me exactly which direction the branch and ring were thrown. I’ve learned over the years to prioritize the most likely search areas first and then expand outward. I was there about 5 minutes and on my 4th signal I knew I had it before I even bent down. It was a clean and solid gold tone 1 inch beneath the surface. I grabbed my pinpointer an targeted its exact location just under the surface and gently moved a 1/2 inch of dirt and saw the gold shine through. Before digging any further I called Karen over and asked her to takeĀ  a look….she was amazed!!! We gently moved a little more dirt and plucked this beauty out of the ground! As a Ring Finder I always tell people how much more fun it is when you are able to come through and find and return the item! Karen and Eric were very happy!!!!