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Lost Wedding Ring Surfside Beach Surfside, Texas (Found) by John Volek

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Lost Wedding Ring in the Ocean at Surfside Beach in Surfside, Texas (Found)


I received the following email Sunday night from Christopher.

Hello John,

I have just come across your site.  My wife and I have lost her wedding ring and band at Surfside beach (main entrance).  We lost it around 11 am on 8/2 while playing with our son in the water.

I have attached an image of the area in the water where we were (shin deep at the time) and a picture of her wedding ring from our wedding.























I spoke with Christopher first thing Monday morning and was given an outline of how and where he believed the rings had been lost. Christopher said they were at the beach Sunday and when preparing to leave when they realized the rings had been lost. Christopher said he was pretty sure the rings were lost in ankle deep water in a specific spot of the beach. Christopher also mentioned they had built some sandcastles in the sand in the same general area.

Christopher said during the ride back to Austin, his wife was on Google trying to find HELP! when she came across “The Ring Finders” website.

I expressed a sense of urgency in any recovery effort, the Texas Coast can be brutal with heavy wave action, current, and shifting sands.

Christopher sent an aerial photograph of the area needing to be searched, and his detailed account of the location was re-assuring.

I packed up and headed for Surfside shortly after our phone conversation, making it to the beach around 9 am. The beach was amazing, little or no wave action, and nearly secluded outside of a few fisherman.

The attached YouTube video provides an accurate outline of the recovery and the steps involved.




























Equipment Used:

CTX 3030

Beach Scoop







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