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Not the prettiest recovery I have ever done, but at least the sentimental aspect and symbolic meaning behind a wedding ring is still there, recovered and given back to the owner. This flattened platinum and rose gold wedding ring will need a little TLC, but I think it can be repaired.

Got a text message about a gentleman who lost his ring a week and a half ago while sledding with the family. He took his glove off once and that must have been the time when he lost it. When he texted me, he said it was either at his house in his front yard or at the hill where they were sledding. I started off at his house, figured that would’ve been the fastest and the easiest, since the yard was small and grass wasn’t that thick. I scanned it in no time and didn’t find his ring.

I drove down the road to the sled slope and began detecting. After about 15 mins, I realized it wasn’t there and started to walk away when I noticed a shiny bar-like item in the road. I walked over and picked it up and realized, “IT WAS THE RING!!!” flattened, but it was the ring!

I texted the gentleman, sent photos and told him I found it, but he wasn’t going to like how it looks! He responded with “Awww, THAT DOES SUCK, BUT THAT’S ALRIGHT, I’LL KEEP IT AS A MEMENTO”


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