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Lost Rose Gold Men’s Ring Found in Fenton Michigan

Rockin’ The Pink….

….is what Nick chose to do not so much for the fashion trend or statement but to match his wife’s rose gold wedding ring. Alloying copper to the gold and silver gives the pink gold, rose gold and red gold rings just enough “pop” to be bold. Pictures don’t do them justice, you have to see them with your own eyes to experience the fire and brilliance they reflect. Just as there are many color variations with rose flowers, there are more than 10 color choices available for gold rings. While doing some yard work just before he was gonna stop to smell the roses he realized his ring was missing. Turning on and go with my MXT metal detector had me searching quickly on the small piece of property. No signals came thru until I got near the rose bushes near the patio then the MXT gave out a great tone. Reaching down into the new mulch revealed his rose gold ring! I waved for him to come over and see where it was. He reached down and lifted it into the air with excitement admiring the soft, fiery color tones in the sunlight. Enjoying the bliss of the recovery, the beauty of the roses will eventually fade, but Nick’s rosie was made to last forever.