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2 Lost Gold Charms Found in Chesterfield Township Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

In Loving Memory……

…..it all started when Finn was a puppy. She began taking interest in what her owner Mike was always doing. He started taking her on his fishing trips and that’s how she got her name. Last March at age 11 she passed away. As Mike, his wife Sara and daughter were grieving the loss, Sara decided to purchase some charms with the initials M E F, along with a paw and a heart representing the whole family. Meanwhile, the family met and fell in love with a new puppy they named Fiona. About a week ago Sara and Fiona were playing in the yard and as Fiona jumped towards Sara who was sitting on the ground the puppy’s arm caught Sara’s necklace and the charms went flying. Sara spent nearly 8 hours searching and recovered the M, E and the heart charm. Leaving for a week’s vacation left the F and paw somewhere in the grass. Agreeing to meet this morning I met Mike as Sara had an unexpected work assignment out of town. Taking a reading off one of the charms gave me a baseline to go by. These were very small items, barely detectable. Starting my grid search about 5 feet from where the other charms were found I was getting lost of weird signals in the same range as the already found charms on my metal detector meter. I treated this like a beach hunt and checked all the signals. Getting close to where the other charms were found I got a very faint but solid signal. Probing down into the thick grass and searching with my fingers revealed the Paw charm that was hiding in the turf! Excited that this one was found first I called Mike over to see. He couldn’t believe it! I said it shouldn’t be too much longer until the F charm was discovered. As he went into the house to bring out the sandwich bag the other charms were in, I got another good signal a few inches away. Reaching down and searching thru the grass revealed the F charm tilted a bit sideways at the base of the grass. When Mike got close enough, I held the charm in my hand and said F stands for Finn! He did a few double blinks in disbelief as he reached for the charm to put it into the bag. Totally shocked he called Sara and told her the good news! I could hear her expressions of happiness as Mike held the phone away from his ear!

So, in remembrance, May Finn rest in peace until they all meet again at the rainbow bridge!