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White Gold Wedding Ring Found, Industrial Park Leduc, Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)



Received a call last evening from Brad told me he lost his wedding band at work while hooking up to a trailer in the yard! And could I possibly help him find the ring. 

Meet Brad within one hour he showed me where his ring could possibly be? Brad explained to me how he lost his ring? he took his ring off and put the ring in his pocket while he was working also in his pocket was his truck keys and when he took the keys out to move the truck the ring must have fallen out? That narrowed the search to two possible areas approximately 20′ x 40′ each.  Since the temperature has been above Zero for the past week the yard was full of mud and a lot of metal pieces scattered all over the yard? This been said it was going to be a real challenge to locate the ring?  Brad did his best to try and find the ring with no luck at all.

Within 30 minutes of the search I found the ring buried in mud I called Brad over and asked him was that his ring in the mud he was over the moon to have his ring back on his finger Brad didn’t believe he would ever see his ring again, Another happy client!  Thank you Brad for entrusting me to finding your ring.