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Lost wedding ring in grass, Orlando, Fl……Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

David was playing a lively game of “keep away” on his driveway with his two children and never even realized his wedding ring had come off! During the action of throwing the ball and jumping around, his gold wedding ring came off of his finger and landed on the concrete. At that exact instant his son, Jonathan, actually inadvertently kicked it and what they heard was the “clink” of his ring hitting the driveway and then the clink, clink as it bounced off into the grass. No one realized what it actually was–thinking maybe Jonathan had kicked a nail or screw or some other metal object. They finished up their game and went inside for the evening.
It was not until the next day that David noticed his gold wedding ring was not on his finger. That’s when Jonathan remembered the metal clinking sound during there keep away game and thought that maybe it was his father’s gold wedding ring. So they ran outside and started looking up and down the driveway, in the grass and even out into the street. And still they could not find David’s ring. David then considered borrowing a metal detector and that’s when someone suggested he give me a call. I agreed to meet David later that same day at his home and assured him I would do my best to find his lost wedding ring.
After meeting David and his children and hearing their story I decided to begin my search along the grassy strip by the street and then worked my way up the left side of the driveway. The grass was very short and sparse with a few dead leaves here and there. David and his kids were watching my every move and could hear my metal detector sounding off on various targets. About 10 minutes into my search I got a really nice signal and there hiding under a single leaf was David’s lost wedding ring. I never get tired of seeing that look of sheer joy and hearing that heartfelt “Thank You!!” It was an honor and a privilege to find your lost ring and to meet your dear family!
Mike McInroe—proud member of theringfinders.com