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10k Gold Ring Lost @ Bus Stop! Kirkness Neighbourhood, Edmonton Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Braden called me this moring requesting my service to find his 10k gold ring which he had just lost while at a bus stop. Braden told me he reached in his pocket to retrieve his bus pass and felt his ring slip off his finger.  Edmonton  had received 4 inches of snowfall  over night and I knew that the transit department sweeps the snow around the shelters shortly after. I asked Braden if it was cleaned and luckily it was not. I told Braden I would be there within the hour.
I met Braden at the bus stop and asked him to show me how he lost his ring so he took his had out of his pocket and said he felt the ring fly to the back of him into the snow bank.  I could see where he had been searching and with experience I had a feeling his ring had ended on the road so I began my search on the road. Bingo within five minute I had his ring back on his finger.
Thank you Braden for calling me.

20k Gold Sapphire Ring Recovered King Edward Park Neighborhood, Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Maddy called last Monday January 3, 2022 requesting my service to locate her ring that she had just lost in the back yard. I agreed to go out and do a search on Wednesday afternoon. I arrived at Maddy’s house and she explained what happened that day. She was walking down the stairs from her deck and slipped into the snow. When she got up and shook her hand she felt her ring fly off her finger.
Maddy told me the ring was given to her by her mother and was very sentimental to her.
I spent 2.5 hours in the extreme cold weather. It was -37 Celsius and my equipment started acting up in the cold! I decided to call it a day. I told Matty that Sunday would be a good day to continue the search since it was going to be -15. A balmy day compared to the past week.
I arrived at 1pm and within 5 minutes I found her ring in the snow bank! I have no idea how come I missed it on my first search. I believe it had to be the bitter cold weather affecting my equipment.
Thank you Maddy.

Lost 10ct Gold Wedding Ring Millwoods Edmonton Alberta (Found)

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

John called me yesterday afternoon requesting my service to locate his ring which he had lost while playing with his boys in the back of his condominium complex common area the night before.

When I arrived, John showed me the area where he had been playing with his kids and we also walked from one end to the other of the complex.  He said he was 100% sure that he had lost it in the grass but I searched the area for 1  1/2 hours with no luck.  I told John that his ring was not there and he said the only other possible location that his ring could be was in his car.  When he checked his car, he found the ring wedged down the side of his back seat. He was very happy to have his ring back on his finger.

Thank you John for calling me and entrusting your services to The Ring Finders.