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Lost White Gold Diamond Stud Earring Found in River Rouge Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)


….Even though anyone can be a father, it takes a special kind of person to be a dad. When Rico is asked what’s the best part of being a dad is, the journey or the destination, he always answered it’s being in the company of his family. On that note, his wife and children presented him with a pair of diamond stud gold earrings this afternoon for fathers day in the presence of family and friends at an outdoor gathering. Totally taken by surprise he quickly put them on and began to enjoy the gorgeous day, BBQ, socializing and yard games. Early this afternoon after taking a seat to relax he reached up and noticed one of the earrings was missing. Upon standing and making the announcement, all the dad jokes, conversations and the laughter of children went silent as the mood turned somber. On site we moved all the metal chairs and tables out of the way. Taking a metal detector reading from the other earring stud I knew what number to look for on the detector meter. I started to grid search over the ground and got lots of junk metal signals. Closing in on where Rico had been I got a nice repeatable signal and the earring stud came out of hiding! Shaking his hand saying happy dad’s day he said thank you for rescuing it! It’s my pleasure was my reply and by the way, your family makes great BBQ and sides!