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Lost Gold Ring In 40′ Motorhome-Found! Calmar Alberta Canada

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

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I received an email from Kim regarding a white gold ring that she had lost in her motor home two years ago. I explained that it may be difficult task because of all the metal in the motor home but I agreed to go over and do my best.

Apparently Kim had placed two rings on the night table before going to bed, and the following morning one ring was missing. Kim and her husband Brent searched throughout the motor home several times and came to the conclusion that perhaps the ring had been taken.

We headed out to the storage yard where the motor home was parked and I asked Brent to pull the slides out so I could analyze the situation. I visualized where the ring could be and went to work taking everything out of the storage area under the bed, and also checking the mattress with my pro pointer. I then went outside and removed the bottom seal from around the slide just in case the ring had lodged itself between the seal and the frame of the motor home. This was not the case so I looked on the other side but could not see or feel anything. My feeling was that the ring had to be under the slide but Brent said he had pulled out the slide about 20 times since the ring had been lost.

I again laid down on the floor with my flashlight and noticed a silver object which I thought was the ring but turned out to be an American nickel. As I moved along the floor with the flashlight I notice something sparkling between the slide roller and the carpet. I reach in with a knife and said out loud “YES, found it!” Brent could not believe it.

We went back to see Kim and I asked if this was her ring. I think everyone in the neighborhood heard her scream with excitement.

Kim and Brent, Thank you for intrusting me and The Ring Finders to reunite your ring, and for the generous reward.

Another happy client!