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Lost Engagement Ring found at Colt State Park Rhode Island

  • from Woonsocket (Rhode Island, United States)

I received a call on Tuesday, July 20th, from a nice couple, Francesca and Sharon.  They had only recently got engaged, and Sharon lost her engagement ring, a lovely antique ring, a few days earlier.  They were at Colt State Park for a day of fun.  While swimming, Sharon’s ring fell off in the water.  They searched for the ring for a few days but couldn’t find it.  That’s when they decided to look for help on the internet and found my profile on  TheRingFinders website, I went to the park the same day they contacted me, but I couldn’t get out far enough into the water as it was high tide.  I met Francesca at the park three days later when it was low tide to continue the search.  After two hours of searching, I located the ring.  Francesca was amazed that the ring was found after being in the ocean for five days. She couldn’t wait to put the engagement ring back on Sharon’s hand.