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Ring found in the yard Traverse City, Michigan

I got a call from Juan because his wife Heather had lost her wedding ring in the yard while installing wood fencing. Talked to heather to get a primary area to start the grid search. The primary area was 10 feet wide by 50 feet long. Started the grid search and 5 minutes in got a good solid shallow signal looked down and found the ring in the grass. Heather stated she and Juan had been over the area multiple times and did not see the ring. I was glad to help out and like the short easy hunts.

Lost ring Celina, Ohio

  • from Celina (Ohio, United States)
All terrain water and land

All terrain water and land






Hello!  My name is Josh Kimmel.  I recently joined The Ring Finders.  I am very involved with metal detecting and have a true passion for this hobby / lifestyle as well as a passion for recovering history in all of it’s forms.  My passion for metal detecting goes beyond just merely trying to find pieces of the past, I also have a passion for helping others locate those special lost items that they thought may have been lost forever.  That’s right!, I enjoying trying to help others find these items and strive to reunite people with their items.  Jewelry such as class rings, wedding bands, engagement rings, gold, silver, platinum and other rings and jewelry to keys and even property markers.  I have been asked to search for many different things and strive to do my best to locate them when possible.   One of my favorite returns was of a silver and platinum class ring that had been lost for approx. 31 years when I one day found it and tracked the owner down to return it to her within 2 weeks.  When people lose that precious, sentimental item it can be very distressing and I do what I can.  Each lost item is unique and has a story of it’s own.  When that item is lost by someone that story doesn’t have to end.    With a recovery that story can continue.


If you are in the Celina, OH or Grand Lake St. Mary’s area or even the Ohio counties of Mercer, Auglaize, Van Wert, Allen and other outlying areas I just may be able to help.  Why try to rent a metal detector or find a metal detector rental to try and locate your lost sentimental item or a particular metal item you would like found when you can contact a metal detector specialist that will use many years of experience as well as some of the best equipment to try and locate that item for you.  Forget renting the detector and get a detectorist!


My years of experience and the equipment I use enable me to find and locate many different metal items in all terrains.  Parks, private yards, school yards, tot lots, beaches, snow, water(up to 5ft deep), fields, woods, hillsides and anywhere else for that matter.  Rings, jewelry, property markers, cache hunting, property searches and so on I’m always trying to help people with my experience.  I even offer my services to Realtor s, Law enforcement, and insurace companies as well others and do what I can to help.


If you are in or around any of the above mentioned or surrounding areas of Ohio contact me and we can discuss the situation.





Closure search for eyeglasses in Greenville SC

  • from Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)
The playground in question.. Sorry about the glare.

The playground in question.. Sorry about the glare.

 I Received a call Friday morning from Brian about  eyeglasses  his daughter had  lost at a Greenville County SC school where his daughter attends. This call was more of a closure search because the glasses still could have been inside the school somewhere. Brian just wanted me to go over all the outside play area just to eliminate  the area she played in during recess. I had never been asked to look for eyeglasses since joining theringfinders and really didn’t know what to expect. So after the call that morning i took several pairs of glasses i have and did some test in my front yard just so i knew what to expect. I used my metal detector across several pairs and received a wide variety of signals.  We met up at the school location and discussed the search and after that i grabbed my gear and started searching the area in question. The 3 areas i needed to search…. First was a giant sand box play area full of large metal play equipment with no glasses found. The other 2 areas where mulched areas similar to the first. i cleared all 3 areas with no glasses being found. My son came with me and we walked all the fenced-in areas where the grass had been washed away and only a clay layer existed. We looked in the trash can also hoping it was maybe thrown away by another child but no luck. After being satisfied that the glasses where not there i search the thicker grass areas but came up empty handed. The search almost 3 hours and was happy to do it. I am happy to meet new people and hear their stories. If you have something  special that has been lost- call me. Would be happy to meet you and hear your story.