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Gold Bacelet with Diamonds Missing after doing Yard Work .. West Covina, CA. .. Recovered and Returned

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*** Steven called from West Covina, CA. asking for help to find a gold bracelet with diamonds. His lady friend had been trimming ivy vines that had grown up a metal cyclone fence. Later that day she realized her gold bracelet was missing from her wrist. Had searched through all the trimmings but saved them in a trash container. He also spent a lot of time looking into the existing ivy on the metal fence.

We both were aware that it might be difficult to use a metal detector so close to the metal fence. After discussing the possibilities of conducting a search, we agreed that I could give it try. I drove to the location thinking the trimmings in the trash would be the best chance to find the lost bracelet. Once I get to the location we can discuss other possibilities as she had not discovered the bracelet missing till later that evening after going the yard work.

I was able to meet Steve a few hours after his call. Grabbing my equipment, we walked to the backyard. My plan was to start by spreading the ivy trimmings onto a cement patio deck that didn’t have metal re-bar or mesh. Then I had a second thought, I grabbed a high powered flashlight to begin a visual look into the ivy on the fence. There were several pockets of dead leaves that could hold a piece of jewelry. 

Steve told me he had spent time searching that area, but allowed me to give it a try. After about 20 minutes I looked down, spotting the gold bracelet on the cement deck. It had been in the ivy and I dislodged it from the foliage.  We were lucky to start in the right location which did help to make it a quick recovery. Steve told me, he had already felt he had eliminated that area and would have never found the bracelet. Happy day for Steve, his friend and me..

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