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Dunedin Gold Ring Found in Post Hole Pile and Returned by SRARC

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Dunedin Gold Ring Found in Post Hole Pile and Returned by SRARC

Jill Cicero was having a new fence installed in the backyard of her new Dunedin home with her father supervising the installation of the posts.  Her father noticed his gold ring was missing halfway through the job and stopped all work asking his daughter to find someone to help find the ring.  Jill found our club SRARC on The Ring Finders and contacted Tom Jones who called Howard Metts, a member that lives in Dunedin.  Howard went out late that afternoon and after 45 minutes of searching with his detector had no luck.  Switching to a pin pointer Howard searched the dug post holes  and at the second post hole found the ring in a pile of soil between the post and fence.  Howard contacted Jill who was coming home from work and informed her of the find.  Jill and her father were very happy to see the ring again.  What a way to start the new year.

Nice recovery Howard, nice to se the smile in Jill’s face.

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Engagement Ring Recovered at Clearwater Beach Florida

Howard works his magic at Clearwater Beach! ******************************************************************* Tiffany was playing volleyball in the water at Clearwater Beach with friends and watched her engagement ring come off her finger as she hit the ball. SRARC member Howard Metts happened to be detecting in the water and was exiting to go home when he was approached by a young lady and asked to help find the ring. The young lady lead Howard to Tiffany and her friends who were searching for the ring in the water, but it had vanished in the clear water under the sand. Within a few minutes Howard was able to locate the ring and return it to Tiffany who was very grateful. Thanks Howard, you make us proud and shine a positive light on what we love to do!

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