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Lost Metal Nails Found on Horse Arena in Ortonville Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

She Won’t Saddle for Less……

……when it involves her horse, Ebony. When Sarah and she were doing some practice routines, Ebony stepped on a nail that resulted in a horrible infection that slowed her activities down to near zero. During the healing process, Sarah got a metal detector and tried to locate more nails resulting in no success. I decided to approach this challenge 2 different ways. First, using my custom tube magnet, I adapted it to drag thru the loose sand in a grid pattern. This gave a high yield to all the loose nails. Second, I grid searched the arena with my MXT metal detector to capture any other stray nails. Both search methods proved successful. Ebony approved and Sarah is thrilled that she’s back in the saddle and riding high again!