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Lost Damascus Steel (Stainless Steel) Ring Found In West Bloomfield Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

The In-Tire Story…

….During a heavy snowstorm, Tom was on his way to work and stopped to grab a coffee and a donut.

When he returned to his vehicle, he proceeded to clean the snow off the windows. Pondering the inflated price of his purchase he didn’t realize his ring came off. He looked around tirelessly with no luck. Feeling exhausted, he called me and asked if I could come by asap and I said don’t worry no pressure so I headed out. Feeling pumped up, I started to search as he was on his way to meet me. I felt I was putting in a wheely good effort but the search was starting to feel a bit flat as I covered the whole area in question. I noticed a car parked in the spot he was near and decided to wait for it’s driver to appear. By this time Tom had arrived and was feeling deflated when I told him the ring had not been found yet. As the person we were waiting for approached their car we explained what we were doing and asked if they could back out slowly so we could look for the ring. As they backed out a revolution-ary discovery was made under the tire….Tom’s Ring! Feeling like a big wheel again he thanked me for keeping it wheel as his life would have been flat with the loss. With the search being all tired up, we agreed that this was a sign of a good-year and said see ya round.