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Lost Gold Ring Underwater Found by Dowsing Rod at Argo Park Ann Arbor Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Rapid Eye Movement…

….Is a unique phase of sleep with humans, helping a person to dream. But what happened to Abe was no dream but rather a nightmare. While getting out of a raft Abe and his fiancée decided to body surf down a rock waterslide. When they reached the bottom, the rapids tossed them around. Arriving on shore the ring his father gave him was missing. A few searches last week brought no luck. With wedding plans in the near future, Abe began to wonder how he would explain the loss of the ring to his mom when he visits her soon, and his dad who he chats with regularly. Time is of the essence. On site today, as I observed the quickness and unsafe look of the slippery rocks and rapids, I thought that I’d try to see if my Dowsing Rod would reveal any information to help narrow down where to look. While I showed Abe how to prepare the snorkel masks from fogging, I took a few readings with the dowsing rod and got 2 targets close together. He said that was the general area where they got roughed up. Entering the turbulent water with pin pointers, snorkel masks and a metal detector, we slowly crept thru the sharp rocks. Abe started to search on the far side of the rapids, and I started to search the close side, avoiding the strong current of the main rapids. After a few minutes Abe came up with the clad half dollar coin that was in his pocket! So, we felt that we were close to where his ring may be, and now I hoped that this was one of the two objects that the dowsing rod picked up on. As I scanned the metal detector it gave out a few signals around some rocks, but the current was too strong to operate the detector. Taking it back to shore I returned with the pin pointer. Submerging below the surface the current was almost unbearable. I had to anchor my feet on some tall rocks and balance myself. At first all I saw was tons of bubbles racing past my snorkel mask, and while exhilarating, my thoughts wondered if this is what being inside a bottle of champaign would be like. Refocusing on the task at hand I noticed a lull in the clusters of bubbles. During these moments I was able to do a visual form of REM by rapidly moving my eyes to see the bottom and where the rocks were that the metal detector signaled near. And of course, they were a few feet away! Moving carefully, I was able to get within reach of the rocks. Poking around the base of one of them the pin pointer buzzed, but as I had seen lots of bottle caps under the water, I figured this was another. Letting go of the pin pointer the lanyard kept it from drifting as I felt around the rock, I felt the edge of a round object. As I pulled it up, another clear cycle of no bubbles appeared, I saw that it was Abe’s ring! Regaining my footing I yelled out to him as I held the ring towards the blue sky! He zoomed towards me and could not believe it. We got to shore as quick as we could so he could show his fiancée. They were both totally elated and thrilled with the rapid response.