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Lost White Gold Earring stud with Diamond Found in Farmington Hills Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

The Wife and Her Stud……..

…..Julia was shoveling snow, just about 3 weeks ago.

2 huge piles each side of the drive, she thought she’d never survive.

Back in the house warm drink in hand, something was missing totally unplanned.

It broke her heart to be apart……

…….Cos’ it brought pleasure wherever they went, even in the dark where time was spent.

A specialist was called we waited for the melt, I keenly sensed how she felt.

With my electronic sensor highly sensitive, I assured her to stay positive.

Sunrise came I stayed left instead of right, an hour later something sparkled in the light.

Peering down into the grass appeared a post, I blinked twice like I’d seen a ghost.

Signaling to her to come closer….. I see something under a 4 leaf clover.

As she plucked it, jumps, screams and smiles filled the air, tears of joy on re-uniting the pair.

A matchmaker I’m not, but was turned on to help keep their relationship HOT!