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Lost Platinum Ring in the Snow Found in Grand Blanc Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Platinum Deposit…..

…..When Adam called me asking if I wanted to go prospecting for platinum, I said sure but was not aware of any platinum deposits in Michigan. Further clarification determined that he lost his ring in the snow somewhere while cleaning the ice and snow off his car. Upon arrival I noticed chunks of brown colored ice that was in piles from being plowed/shoveled. Using my MXT metal detector I started a grid search where the vehicle was parked. I kept getting bad junk metal signals from somewhere in the asphalt, so I just ignored them as I knew the platinum would sound better. Slowly circling a particular area, I got a nice solid signal near some ice chunks. Reaching down thru some revealed his platinum deposit stuck in one. When I said I hit the motherlode Adam couldn’t believe that the ring was in that area. Thrilled that his ring was found I said that if he ever does come across another platinum deposit, I know a guy who can help recover it!