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Lost Gold Wedding Ring Found in Fowlerville Michigan

Going Out on a Limb…..



….wasn’t to reach the better fruit so to speak, but rather to trim some of the dead limbs off the tree. As it was getting dark John decided to reach out and cut one more then call it quits for the day. Back inside the house he realized his ring was missing. Was it lost near the tree? or somewhere else on the property as he was working on various projects? I quickly turned on my MXT metal detector and going out on my own limb I chose to grid search the area by the tree. Reaching out as far as I could with each sweep of the metal detector coil, I finally got a good signal. Using my pin-pointer I probed down into the grass and reaching thru I felt a piece of fruit in the form of a gold ring! John couldn’t believe that it was there and was super happy that going out on this limb produced great rewards!