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Lost Gold Ring Found in Brighton Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Showing Off…..

….Was not the intention of Derek’s fiancée. However, after arriving home to a surprise engagement party the urge to brag was too overwhelming. As the evening progressed her ring was being passed around for friends and family to behold the beauty of it while the bride to be watching in close proximity. After dark she recalled it being returned to her but after getting into the house the ring was nowhere to be found. With family from out of state on their way to stay the weekend and all their friends present notified of the disappearance, what were they to do? Searching into the wee hours of the morning brought no luck. When I arrived, Derek went over the possible areas the ring could be. Using my MXT metal detector I started a grid search of the first area. Thankfully, this was the correct area from the signal and meter reading on the metal detector. Probing my pin-pointer thru the thick grass revealed this eye catching, stunningly beautiful ring! As I held it up Derek practically fell over into the grass in total disbelief that it was found. Reality set in quickly as he held it in his hand, cherishing the symbol and meaning of love for his fiancée and their future life together.