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Lost Gold w/Diamond Stud Earring Found in Washington Township Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Vampires in the Garden…..

….their monsters that lurk in your neighborhood that terrify you when your outside and want to suck your blood. That’s what happened to Robin as she was swarmed by mosquitos while pulling the last of her vegetables and weeds from the garden. Swatting at them she knocked her stud earring off into the grass. She searched with a toy type metal detector with no luck and enduring more bites from those pesky monsters, she reached out to me for help. With the mention of little vampires, I took a few garlic capsules and hit the road. Arriving on site I started a grid search with my metal detector. Searching in the bright light, I was not plagued by any mosquitos, but could tell that the woods next to the property was where they were probably hiding out. Metal detecting thru a small amount of house construction materials from long ago I finally got a great signal close to where the earring stud should be on the detector meter. Looking carefully thru the deep grass revealed Robin’s gold diamond stud earring! Texting that I found something pointy in the grass that doesn’t sting had her running out the side door. In total amazement she reached out and put the earring back into her ear! Thrilled that no extra garlic was needed she was thankful her earring was found and that no more little vampires will be haunting her Halloween!