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Engagement Ring Lost On Country Road Near Holden, Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)



Brandon called me yesterday afternoon asking if it was possible for me to come out to Holden and look for his girlfriends lost engagement ring.  After asking Brandon a few questions I agreed to meet him around 5Pm.

I met up with Brandon in the town of Holden,  then drove another 5 miles to the location where the ring was lost.  The area consisted of 1/4 mile of gravel road and Brandon told me she was walking along the side of the road heading east which meant the ring could als0 be in the ditch. After 2 hours of searching the ring was found on the road and Brandon was so relieved to have the ring back that he immediately called his girlfriend to tell her the good news.

Thank you Brandon for entrusting me to find your lost Ring.





Gold & Diamond Stud Earring Lost – Found by Del Witters

  • from Hood River (Oregon, United States)

Cathy lost one earring 4 months ago while cutting brush on her acreage when the protective headphones she was wearing were ripped off her head by a branch. She immediately touched her ears and noticed the large diamond stud was gone; checking the ground and clothes were unsuccessful. Her neighbor tried with his metal detector but couldn’t find it. For weeks she searched on hands and knees without luck and figured it was gone forever. A couple months ago she got my info from a friend but didn’t call until today. I told her gold earring studs are extremely difficult to find without the right detector but that I owned several and one was designed to detect small natural gold which should work on her earring. My call-out fee was so reasonable that she decided to take a chance, “you’re my last hope”. Using the stock 5×10″ coil I uncovered a few items but no earring. There was some large deep metal I detected and I was concerned that it might mask the small stud so I switched to my 4×7″ coil for better separation. On my first grid with the small coil and within inches of the large metal object I got a signal that required further investigation. With the pinpointer on max sensitivity I barely detected an object and at 1/2″ deep was the earring! Cathy was flabbergasted, she just kept staring back and forth at the recovery spot and the earring while she laughed, smiled ear-to-ear, and asked questions of how… happy would be an understatement! She walked to the house clasping the earring with both hands while she told me that she only gave the search a 10% chance. I told her that with the right tools, user knowledge, and a little luck it’s generally 100% as long as it’s in the area searched.

She said finding her stud earring was the perfect Christmas gift and she’ll be talking about it for months. Thank you for the call Cathy and Merry Christmas!


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