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Lost wedding ring recovered on the first swing, Vienna, Virginia.

  • from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)

March 24th, 2020. Matt called me about a lost wedding band. He had made healthy life style changes and lost over 50 pounds since last summer. Matt didn’t remember the ring falling off, but reasoned the most likely place in his backyard while he was mulching. The 30 minute drive was surreal with so few cars on the road. It would normally have taken me up to an hour on a normal day.
Matt showed me a 10 x 20 foot area of the yard wet with leaf mulch and mud.

I changed into my boots and geared up with my AT Max, ready to get dirty. In a well-defined search area, I like to start from one side and work my way across. I turned on and calibrated my AT Max and started to sweep the left edge. My first sweep resulted in a clear signal in the gold range! I dug into the muck about 5 inches, and there it was.

Although I did very little work, Matt insisted I accept his generous reward, a portion of which went to Fisher House. He was extremely happy, but preferred not to have his “smile” taken for the Book of Smiles.