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Gold Wedding Band Lost, Recovered & Returned in Yardley, PA!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Received a Saturday afternoon text from Joel regarding his lost gold wedding band. We immediately got on the phone and he told me he was working with his garden hose in his backyard the day before when he felt the ring slip off is finger while pulling the hose from the storage wheel. He was convinced it fell right there in the 3-4 inch high grass….he searched for hours on hands/knees, raked the area and even bought a metal detector on amazon….but he could not find it! He mentioned his lost ring to a friend….and it turns out I had found that friends lost ring with my metal detector several years prior. So they tracked me down and I got the call. I met Joel at his house the same day he texted me…he was surprised at my confidence when I said I would find his ring in less than 5 minutes….turned out it took me 6 minutes! I was happy to be able to return his ring to him!