Lost Ring On Topsail Island Found By Crystal Coast Ring Finders

  • from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)

John & Sophie arrived at their North Topsail, NC beach house one day prior for a family vacation with great views and weather.  John had taken his wedding band of many years off to swim in the ocean.  The beach chairs were moved a few times because of the incoming tide and were eventually folded up and returned to the house.  John called me later that afternoon the ask if I could be of assistance.  Upon arrival John showed me the boundaries for my search.  There were very little signs of metal in the sand and at one point, I wondered if I had the correct search settings.  After a crusty penny, my next signal was a strong soda tab signal.  This time it was just the opposite!  John’s white gold wedding band was peaking up from the sand after my first try to brush the sand away from the target.  If I remember correctly, I think John said “well how about that!”   John told the neighbors that he didn’t need to sleep outside tonight!

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  1. John Pellizzari says:

    Steven was amazing. I called him at 6:30pm on a Sunday. He made the 1hr drive to Topsail and was here by 8:00 the same evening…and found the ring within 10 minutes of searching! Because of him I did get to sleep indoors that night. Thank you again!

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