Rose Gold Wedding Ring Lost in the Sand at Hermosa Beach...Found.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

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Peter called for help, he had lost his wedding ring while he was playing volleyball at the beach. He had taken the ring off and put it in his bag for safekeeping, but sometime during the day, while taking things out of the bag his ring must have been pulled out, and fell into the sand. It was early in the afternoon when he called, and knowing the beaches to be packed because of the holiday weekend, I asked that we postpone the search to the evening when most people would have left, so I could get parking close to the area of the loss, which he agreed to do.

When I got to the beach, I first met Peter’s wife Victoria because Peter was looking for a parking space. She showed me the area she believed the loss to have occurred, and I began my search, I made a few passes working a little out of the search area to insure that I covered it all. Then on about the 3rd pass, got the sweet tone of gold in the head phones, dug and in my scoop was Peter’s ring. Victoria was standing out from me about 20 feet away when I made the recovery, so I held the ring up in the light of my headlight, and she came running over; Peter was not there yet. When Peter arrived, Victoria ran over to him, got down on one knee, and placed the ring back on his finger; a very cool scene indeed. Needless to say Peter was in total surprise that I had found the ring so quickly. What a fun recovery!

Victoria sent the following testimonial:

We truly thank you for your response, speedy recovery of such an important symbol of our marriage, and generosity with your time last night. We were really inspired and touched by what you and other Ring Finders are doing. With so much disappointment and sadness in the world, people like you and organizations founded upon purpose and authentic helpfulness is a wonderful reminder that there is so much good all around us.

Thank you thank you thank you, and good luck in all your future searches!
Victoria & Peter

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