Mini Urn lost in the sand at Santa Monica Beach, CA...Found and Happily Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

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Bryan contacted me the other day regarding the loss of a pendant he wore around his neck. He had been playing football in the sand at the beach, when as a result of an attempted tackle, the necklace that held the pendant came apart, and the pendant was engulfed by the sand. He told me that it had high sentimental value, and it would mean a lot to him if I was able to find it. I let him know that I was on my way, and would let him know when I arrived.

When I got to the area, I began walking out on the sand, and Bryan met me and walked me over to the spot of the loss. I could see where he and his friends had been combing the sand with their hands and feet. We talked about what had happened, and how it happened, so that I had a good idea of where I should begin my search. I also asked what I was looking for, and Bryan said, “a silver bullet”. I began a grid, and worked it to the outer edge of where they had been searching. I did not find the “bullet”, so I began searching the other side when I got a strong signal and dug. In the scoop was a key, and as I usually do I held it up for Bryan to see, and let him know it was just a key. I was getting ready to put into my finds bag when he came up and said, “wait, that key was also on the necklace”. I then ran the detector over the spot again with another good signal coming through. I scooped again, and in the scoop was a cylindrical shaped pendant, but not a bullet. When I pulled it out Bryan got so very emotional and said, “You have no idea what this means to me”, so I asked if he would let me know. He told me his father had passed away a couple of years ago, and this cylinder held a portion of his ashes. At this point I realized how important this recovery was to Bryan. He was so relieved, and I was very happy to have been able to help; a great day!


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3 Replies to “Mini Urn lost in the sand at Santa Monica Beach, CA…Found and Happily Returned.”

  1. luke says:

    Hey Steve, great job you are a king of recoveries
    I didn’t see this find posted in your book of smiles. I really feel the pricelessness of what you returned is more then worthy to be in the book of smiles. Please reconsidered your choice to not post it there.

    1. Steve Smith says:

      Thanks Luke, but the decision to not have it in The Book of Smiles is not mine, but the web controller. I do agree it was priceless recovery.

  2. George Hicks says:

    Great work! Glad to see more people using and this was a very special recovery. I am sure, that like most of us, the feeling of the return is what it is all about.
    Nice job sir!

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