Sentimental Earring Lost in Backyard in Glendale, CA...Found and Happily Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

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Mary Ellen contacted me yesterday about an earring she lost in her backyard. She remembered walking down the walkway to her garage when one of the overhanging plants caught her earring and then it was gone. These were her mother’s earrings, so they held a special place in her heart. We talked a bit, I asked some pertinent questions, and we scheduled to meet this morning to search her garden area.

I got to her house, and she came out right away and took me back to the area of the loss. She then showed me how she had been walking on the walkway, and the plants that snagged her earring to pull it off. There was some thick ground cover, that could have swallowed up an earring in a second. I began my search, and fortunately found that there wasn’t a lot of metal in the ground, which I have found to be very uncommon over the years. I had a few good signals, but they were too deep for what I was looking for. I got another good signal, and while moving the groundcover around noticed the glint of gold. I pushed the greenery aside, and there was the lost earring. I walked it right over to Mary Ellen, and she seemed very relieved to have it back. This made her day, and made mine as well to see her smile!


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