Safety Search for Nails in Torrance, CA Yard

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

I received an email from Sally requesting my services to make sure there were no more nails in her back yard from a recent re-roofing job. She said that the workers had dragged a magnet through, but she was having a birthday party for her young son on Saturday with water fights and bare feet, and she wanted to be certain the nails were gone. I let her know that is something I could help her with, and we arranged to meet later in the early evening.

When I got to her house she showed me the backyard which wasn’t very large, and I expected a quick search. What I found though was that the magnet had removed all of the roofing nails, but there were a multitude of old rusty nails just on or barely under the surface that could have caused some serious damage to her son or his friends. After about an hour I had removed quite a number of rusty nails and other sharp objects, along with some other metal objects. Sally and her husband were very happy to know that the yard did not have any surface dangers to deal with.

Sally sent the following testimonial:

Steve is not just for finding lost engagement rings! My house was recently reroofed and I had the backyard swept over with a magnetic sweeper multiple times in order to catch nails and other roofing debris. My son is having a bday party this Saturday and I just couldn’t rest easy knowing that children would be running around barefoot. Someone recommended Steve and I emailed him this morning. He came out this afternoon and found a handful of nails that looked like tetanus waiting to happen. So thankful he was suggested to me. Seems like a great guy as well. Highly recommend.


Update: The party went well and kids were still nail-free by the end of the day 😉


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  1. George Hicks says:

    Nice job! We usually discrim out those things. But sometimes it is good to hear iron, and this was one of TV those times.
    Fellow Member, George Hicks

    1. Steve Smith says:

      Thanks. It’s true we normally are looking non ferrous.

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