Wedding Ring Lost Christmas Eve at Newport Beach, CA...Found and Joyfully Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

I was relaxing at home Christmas Eve afternoon when I received a call from Yogi. He was on vacation from Houston, TX to visit with family for the Holidays. He had lost his wedding ring at the beach while throwing a football to his family members. They had been there earlier in the day when it happened. They searched for the ring but could not find it. They talked of renting a metal detector, but it was Christmas Eve. One of the family members searched the internet, and found The Ring Finder’s web site where they located me. Yogi told me that he would meet me at the beach, and I told him I would be on my way.

When I got to the beach, I walked out and met with Yogi. He showed me how they had marked out the area of where he believed the loss to have occurred. The good thing was that he had been throwing away from the water, so I knew there would be a better chance of a recovery. I began a grid, and worked my way up and back getting a few faint signals, I dug them, but they were not fruitful. I then narrowed my search to a specific area, and made a few more passes, and on the turn of the last pass I got a good strong signal and dug again. There in the bottom of my scoop was Yogi”s ring, the 24K gold band gleaming in the sunshine. I held it up while he was taking pictures of his family. He did not notice at first, but the rest of the family saw the ring and began clapping and shouting for joy which caught Yogi’s attention. He looked up, and with a great big smile came over and accepted his ring. What a joy it is to restore someone’s joy to them.

Yogi sent me this testimonial to include here:

Steve!  Thank you again so much!

I was spending time with my family during the holidays in 2017 on Newport beach, and happened to be tossing a football with my cousins.  About an hour later, I noticed my wedding ring was missing.  I had a feeling that it happened during the football toss.  I had mentioned it to my wife about me misplacing it, she was not too thrilled.

My cousin and I rushed back to the spot, but couldn’t locate the ring.  He pulled up a site called Ring Finders on the web, and told me to call. I called and Steve Smith picked up and said that he was on his way.  I asked how much the service was, and he said whatever we felt we wanted to pay. This was Christmas Eve so we were a bit worried about any one actually working.

Steve arrived, and I told him what had happened. I showed him the area where I felt it could be and he asked me a few questions and then proceeded to work.  I was back to my family and within 10 minutes, everyone started cheering.  I looked back and Steve was walking towards me holding the ring in his hand.

I couldn’t believe that within such a short time, he was able to produce the ring!  We chatted for a few minutes, and he told me about his method.  Best part of our conversation was the reason why he did it, he said it was THAT moment when he finds the item and how the mood changes in an instant!

Very thankful that Steve was available and he was able to locate something very important to myself and family.  Thank you a ton RING FINDERS!


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