Wedding Ring Lost at Park Tot Lot in Studio City, CA...Found and Happily Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

Nir called last Saturday night. He explained how he had taken his daughter to the local park, and was pushing her on the swing when a metal piece of the swing caught his ring and pulled it off of his finger. All in a second the ring that was custom made in Israel for his wedding, was gone. He and his wife searched for the ring in the sand for over an hour, but were unable to find it. I told him I would be there as soon as traffic would allow, and was on my way.

When I got to the park there was no lighting and it was very dark. I got out of the truck and then Nir called out. We met, and he pointed to the area we were going to search. I got my headlight on, and we headed over to the tot lot. He showed me what happened, and I proceeded to search. The spot was pretty clean of metal except a bit of iron here and there, but I wasn’t hearing what I was looking for. It wasn’t until I started searching the adjacent swing that I received the signal I was looking for. I put in my scoop, and inside was a very good looking ring, I pulled it out showing Nir, and he was very delighted. It seems as though the ring was sent flying in the opposite direction, and to the side of where they had envisioned it having traveled, so as always, we need to search out of the box. What a happy evening for Nir and his wife. It was great meeting and being able help him that night.

Nir sent the following to include here:

This is my story
On Saturday, 11/19/2017, at 4:00 PM, I went with my wife and my daughter to the park. As I rocked my girl on the swing, my wedding ring was pulled from my finger and fell into the sand.
After extensive searching and lots of help from good people, the loss was not found and I had to accept fate.
The evening came and I decided that this ring was too important to me and I was not going to give it up so easily.
I started looking online with a professional who comes with a metal detector and the first person who intrigued me was Steve Smith who answered me on the phone right away.
I told him the story and asked how much his service would cost me.
Steve answered that I could pay as much as I think fit. I was in in shock from his answer! He said that in any case he would come to help me even if I did not pay him at all!
I really wanted him to find my wedding ring.
We met in the park at six in the evening. It was already dark. Steve would get organized quickly and after 20 seconds the loss would be found !!! And I was very happy
I met a charming person who wants to help with all his heart!
Thank you Steve Smith


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