Gold Ruby Ring Lost at Huntington Beach, CA...Found and Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

I got a call yesterday from Deena regarding a ring she lost at the beach. She was there with some friends and their dogs having a fun time, when she picked up a ball to throw for one of the dogs. She made an underhand throw, and as the ball left her hand, so did her ring. She thought it should be where the ball had landed, so she and her friends looked and looked with no results. She found me on the internet, and I asked a few questions, and then let her know I would be there as soon as I could get there.

When I arrived, I found them down on the beach where the loss occurred, and Deena proceeded to show me what had happened. She had thrown towards the water which worried me a bit because the tide was coming in and the wave action was a bit intense at the water line. I began where they believed the ring had gone going up and down the slope getting a bottle cap, a few pennies and a quarter, but no ring. I then went down closer to the water when it receded and made a few grids there. They really did not believe it was that far, so I came back up and decided to cross grid the area I had already searched, but with a much wider grid. I made 3 more passes, and was way outside of the original search area when I got a real good signal in the head phones. I put the scoop in, shook it out, and there in the bottom was a cool looking custom gold ring. I reached in and held it up to Deena’s and her friend’s surprise. They had no idea that the ring would have gone so far to the left of where she had thrown the ball. Rest assured, we as Ring Finders know to look out of the box, because a lot of times rings seem to do the impossible. I was so glad to have made 3 wonderful smiles yesterday. A great time!


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