Heirloom Diamond Earring Lost in Grass in Long Beach, CA...Found and Happily Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

I had gone surfing today, and when I got back to the car after my session, I found that I had received a call and had a message of an earring loss from Stan. I called him back to see if he still needed my help. He said he did. We discussed the loss, and he explained that his girlfriend had been out walking the dog, and reached up over her head to grab a branch with the hand that held the leash, when the dog tried to chase something. When that happened the leash brushed her ear, and knocked off her earring. I let Stan know that I had to get home first to drop off my surfing equipment, get my recovery equipment, and then I would head over for the search. He said that would be fine, and I told him I would let him know when I was on my way.

When I got to the area, I met Stan’s girlfriend Rennie. I grabbed my equipment, and Rennie and I walked to the area of the loss. She showed me what she had done and explained what the dog had done to cause the earring to come off. She also told me how they had searched the area, and Stan told me he had as well on hands and knees. The grass had a pretty good thatch and was pretty thick. The earring was white gold, which tends to be hard to find in grassy areas because it reflects the surrounding material which provides a sort of camouflage. We took her remaining earring, put it in a small Ziplock bag, and put it down to make sure the detector I brought would hear it. My detector sounded at about 3 inches, so I knew it would find it. I then had to adjust the pin pointer to almost max sensitivity, and then was ready for the search. I made a pass, checking every faint sound, to insure that I did not overlook anything. I made one pass with nothing. I then turned to make the second pass. I got a too strong signal, but checked it anyway, nothing. I swung just to the left of that signal, and got one that was more like the one I received when checking the remaining earring. I put my pin pointer in, and got the signal. I saw the earring, it had flipped so that the diamonds were facing down, which would have not allowed the earring to glimmer, and help in its recovery by those who had looked before. When I reached in and held it out for Rennie, she got so excited she gave me a big hug. Later she told me how her grandmother had given her earrings when she was 16 years old, and how she then gave them to a family member later. She said that in 6 months they had been lost. she took it hard, and went to a jeweler, and had a new pair, this pair made to the exact specifications as the old ones, so there was a whole history involved that made this recovery very special. What a pleasure it is to make the smiles come back to those I am able to help.


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