Platinum Wedding Ring Lost at Redondo Beach, CA...Found and Happily Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

I received a call from Joel last night about 9:00 PM regarding his wedding ring that he had lost earlier in the day. He and his wife were at the beach, when a sudden cloud burst caused them to hurriedly grab up all of their belongings to get back to their car. They then went to a restaurant about 10 miles away to have dinner, that is when he discovered his ring was missing. they played the scenario over in their minds, and figured the loss occurred on the beach during the calamity of the downpour and rushing to gather everything up. They went back after dinner, and searched the area for about an hour with no luck. The tide had also come up above the area they had been in. which obscured any sign of exactly where they had been sitting. We discussed it all, and I told him I would be there in about 20 minutes.

When I arrived, Joel and his wife Hanriet met me and walked me to the area they believed  the loss to have happened. they told me that they were celebrating their first wedding anniversary this day. I thought wow, and said we have to find the ring. I could see that the water had come over at least half of the beach, so all seating marks had been washed out. They showed me where they believed they had been, so I began right in the middle and worked one way and then the other. I was getting some coins, and standard bottle caps and aluminum pieces, but no ring. I then began to expand my grid. That is when I scooped a nice shiny silver color ring in the scoop. Getting excited I called Hanriet over, and said I think we found it, but when she and then Joel looked at it, they told me it was not his. Upon closer inspection, I could see that it was an inexpensive stainless steel ring. I then continued my grid. I worked out the one side, and then expanded the other side, with nothing but the same types of finds, coins and trash metal. I decided to expand the search more towards the water, one pass, another, one more and then platinum in the scoop, 11:00 PM. It was definitely out of the box. I also want to thank Joel and Hanreit for hanging in there with me for that late night hunt. It was a great pleasure to help celebrate their first wedding anniversary by returning Joel’s lost ring, a ring had he waited until the next day would have most certainly been gone because the County cleans those beaches with sifting machines that are very thorough. What a pair of great smiles!


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