iPhone Lost at Venice Beach, CA...Found and Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

Was doing a little metal detecting today at an unfortunately well groomed beach. When I got there the sand looked as though it had been gone over with a dragged 2×4 it was so smooth. I wanted to do a little dry sand detecting, but after a few hours and very little to show, I decided to head back to the parking lot. On my way a couple of young ladies came up to me and asked if I had a metal detector (which I happened to be carrying at the time). After I showed it to them, they explained that one of them had lost her iPhone the night before, right in the towel line. I told them how the beach had been groomed early in the morning and it was highly unlikely that the phone was still there. That is when they told me that it was showing up there on the Find My iPhone App. When they showed me I decided to help them out.

We walked over, and they showed me where they had been the previous night, so I began my search with them explaining what they had been doing. I searched everywhere they showed me with no results. They then told me they had to leave, and would probably have to get a new phone. As they walked away, I am thinking, “Wait it is showing it is still here”. I kept up my search, I had not gotten their number or any other information, but continued on. I got nothing anywhere they had showed me, so I started moving out of the box, expanding my search area. I was actually out about 50 feet from the original position when I got an overload signal in my headphones. I dug carefully with the scoop so as not to damage the phone if this was it, and there it was. I showed it to some of the people around who had helped her earlier in the day, and then the phone started ringing. It was the young lady who had lost the phone. Apparently they were able to see that the phone was now moving, and knew someone had found it. They asked me to drop it off at the Lifeguard station and they would pick it up later. The nice Lifeguard took my picture for me. Glad to have made another person’s day.


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