Gold Wedding Ring Lost in San Fernando Valley, CA Backyard...Found and Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

I received a call from a young lady yesterday who explained that her husband lost his ring in the backyard. I had been waiting for a call back from someone, so I arranged to meet on the next day. The person did not call back, so I called them back and said that I could go immediately. They told me that it had been late at night, and the husband had been taking the ring off and putting it back on when he dropped it on the deck. When the ring hit the deck it was too dark to see, but they heard it roll to the edge, and then it was gone. They had searched that night, and then hours the next day to no avail.

When I got to their house, I was led to the backyard, and shown a nice new deck that had been built over a very steep hillside. I began my search at the top working around some metal that had been there. and then working down the hillside. I worked as much of the hill that I believed could have caught the ring on a downhill roll, but just came up with nothing but deck screws and nails, with the occasional beer can. I felt that I had completed a thorough search, but did not find the ring, so I went back to the deck, and sat in the area of the loss, contemplated and discussed the loss again with the husband and wife, that is when the wife said she thought it might be right where I began my search. I decided to remove the wires that were there, even though I did not know what they were attached to. As soon as I removed them the husband said that’s it, and I saw the slight glimmer of gold peeping out of the dirt from under where the wires had been. I removed the ring and carefully replaced the wires, with shouts of joy coming from them both. They asked that I did not identify them, but I will say they were very happy that the ring was found, and I will vouch for their smiles. It was explained to me that their rings had been sent to Brazil to be blessed by a priest before the wedding, and specially engraved, so how do you replace that? Another great day!


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