Diamond Wedding Band Lost at Manhattan Beach, CA...Found and Joyously Returned!

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

I was on the road last night about 9:20 PM when I received a call from Chelsey. She had lost her wedding band at the beach earlier in the day. She had gone surfing, and wisely took her ring off and left it in her beach bag. When she and her family were getting ready to leave she noticed that another piece of her jewelry had fallen from the bag. She then picked up her towel, and shook the sand from it, the ring was gone. I wasn’t far from the beach, and told her I could be there in 20 minutes, she needed more time, as she was at dinner with her family, so we arranged to meet at 10:15 PM at the beach.

I was waiting as Chelsey and her family rolled up. There was about 7 of them, and we all made our way down to the spot of the loss. Well it was dark now, which made it harder to judge landmarks, so we had to widen the search area. The other problem was that the tide was super high, and as I searched the water would come up and wipe out my grid lines, so I had to pay close attention to where I had already searched in order to cover the area correctly. Chelsey and her family also brought along lights, sifters and colanders to continue the search they had begun earlier. The humor entered into it for me as I looked around, yet I did not say anything until the ring was found, that it looked like a Paleontology convention as everyone was spread around on the sand with their lights and sifters delicately searching for Chelsey’s ring.

I searched for about an hour, moving further out, and closer to the water than they had told me, and could see at times that there was concern that I should be staying in the area they felt sure of, and I understand that feeling. I have been doing this long enough though to know that sometimes the ring isn’t always where the person thinks it is, so I usually persist, and work out of the box, or color outside of the lines so to speak. Well I decided to work much closer to the edge of the slope down to the water when I got a real good signal in the head phones. I dug, and in the scoop was Chelsey’s ring; 11:30 PM. I lifted it up, and was immediately stormed by the entire family, who lined up to give me a hug. WHAT GREAT JOY RESTORED! What a great opportunity to be a help; love it!


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